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    Red Face New PS3 Question

    Hey I just bought a new PS3 (so now I have 2) and I want to transfer one of my accounts over to the new one... does anyone know how to do this? (I want to move my saves, and things over... not the music of course.)

    Thanks guys.

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    There is a thread here in the Tutorials section I can dig up on this later if you need it, but it may also be worth taking a peek at the online manual here too:

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    thadick Guest
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I've look on here and couldnt really find anything... i didnt use the search though, because I'm not too sure what I'm searching for... but I went through the tutorials section and didnt see anything. I did a google search and one said use the "back-up utility" but someone posted that doesnt work... I may just have to do it manually... Thank you again.

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    jevolution Guest
    As far as i know, the backup utility works especially for game saves etc. The exact page in the manual that PS3 News posted that you'd be interested in is here

    Other than that you could also swap the hd's in the ps3's...though i'm guessing you don't want to do this since you want your music to remain...just pitching the idea out there anyway.

    btw credit goes to ps3news for posting the manual, i'm just trying to help.

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