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    Registered User shrikedoa's Avatar
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    [UnAnswered] New PS3, new HD. First step?

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    I've got a new PS3 and a replacement hard drive arriving this week.

    Can I swap the HD before ever booting up the PS3? Or should I power up the PS3 and let it do whatever initialization it does first?


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    When I bought my PS3 I replaced orginal 40GB with 120GB from my MAC
    It works without problems

    First - when I bought PS3 - I powered it up and try playing some games (GTA4 and Heavenly Sword)... when I know that it work I replaced orginal hdd with new one - when I powered it up again - PS3 formated the hardrive (from 120GB after formating now I have 111GB available space )

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    It wouldn't take much to let it initialise if it needs to. But, just incase, I would suggest using the default one first for a little bit and then switch.

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    My suggestion is put the default hdd first, update your FW to 2.50 ,make a copy of the FW on a USB memory stick, switch off your PS3 remove all cables and swap with the new hdd. If you are "lucky" at first boot with your new hdd your PS3 may ask you for a FW (firmware) , if it does insert the USB mem stick and enjoy. Those steps recommended but not mandatory . Please share the brand and model of your new hdd just as a example if someone else want to swap his/hers.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll report back with results.

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    Hard drive has been successfully installed. I did the following:

    - Booted the PS3 for initial setup.
    - Powered down and installed the new drive.
    - Booted up. PS3 saw the drive, formatted the "system area".
    - PS3 prompted for updated firmware.
    - I inserted USB drive with firmware files.
    - Installation completed, all is well.

    Drive was a Seagate Momentus 320 gig, 7200 rpm. Working flawlessly so far.

    Thanks for the help, all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by shrikedoa View Post
    Hard drive has been successfully installed.
    How much available free space You have after formating hdd with PS3??

    (You can check this - system / system settings / system information)

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    If I recall, when it finished it said something like 267 of 299 gigs free. Looks like it reserved 10% for system area, maybe?

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    I have one of the first ps3 consoles and I changed the hard disk (now 160 Gb and firmware 2.43), a long time ago.

    Ive never had any problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marckan View Post
    I have one of the first ps3 consoles and I changed the hard disk (now 160 Gb and firmware 2.43), a long time ago.

    Ive never had any problem.
    How much space have you got after formating this 160GB (149) ?? ~135-136GB ??


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