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Thread: New PS3 laser but disc is never read?

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    aowzone Guest

    New PS3 laser but disc is never read?


    I've purchased a new "full" drive module (just installed my BD drive control board) for my CECHG01 console. I was assured by the seller this would be all that was needed to repair my otherwise fully functioning PS3 (XMB, Playstation Store games, etc. all work).

    The discs load up in to the new drive and the blue light "flashes" as if the disc is read but nothing ever shows up. I've tried CDs, DVD, BluRay, etc. All no luck.

    At this point, what else could be wrong with the system that I should look to replace?

    I'd be so appreciative if I could get this thing going again!

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    EiKii Guest
    Are you sure the laser isnt defective? and did you replace it by yourself?if so you got it aligned right (ie you got it in the right position)? forgot any cable?

    just asking ^^

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    aowzone Guest

    Thanks for the response. This is a second replacement from the seller, so I'm pretty confident the laser is good. He said the one I returned was good too and claims its something else with my system.

    It came as the full drive enclosure. I just simply attached the ribbons to my drive control board and fired things up.

    I don't see any ribbon cables that aren't attached properly though I can't open the drive module to check inside there without voiding his "warranty labels" (i use this loosely!) that he places on the drive enclosure!

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    EiKii Guest
    aha ok now i understand, you only put in your controller board, have you tried using the recovery menu? i know there is one option there that people say have made their ps3 to read discs again, gonna look up which option.

    Edit: ok, in the recover menu have you tried option 3? REMEMBER 3 ANY ELSE CAN MAKE ALL DATA ON HDD TO BE WIPED!
    that might fix it worth a try if you haven't tried.

    and also make sure sensors under the Blu-ray drive are making contact with the base of the system, that can also make the drive not read discs.

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    aowzone Guest
    sadly, "option 3" (rebuild file system) did nothing to help.

    i'm dissapointed i've spent nearly 100 in parts/shipping cots to fix this now

    i guess i have an expensive media player now

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    EiKii Guest
    :/ what about the "pins" under the drive?are they making contact?

    well true but would be nice imo when you spent that amount to atleast be able to read Blu-rays xD

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