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Thread: New to PS3 Jailbreaking help?

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    gsallor Guest

    New to PS3 Jailbreaking help?

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read and give me your input. I am new to ps3 hacking, I have hacked wii's and psp's. I'm not looking for instructions just a point in the right direction, I was reading the tutorial section but what is the best way to hack?

    is the android way something you still use? or is there something newer or better. I would perfer not have to buy stuff. thanks again for your help.

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    The first thing you should do is post your PS3's model and Firmware version, then someone else will likely reply with further assistance.

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    XBINX Cyro Guest
    Hello, I have a ps3 Chechh 40gb model with upgraded hdd, i had rogero 3.55 with 4.11 spoof installed by someone who flashed my ps3, I went to install rebug and i got the red screen error shortly after i turn the ps3 on it was trying to update.

    Now I tried getting in and out of factory service mode but now the ps3 says to install a firmware 3.55 or newer. I have installed OFW 3.55 with no luck. A serious Error has occured contact technical support. 8002f281 any help please!!!

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    racer0018 Guest
    What ver. of rebug did you install. Also how far did it get to install the rebug. But for the last thing don't hyjack someone else's post.

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