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Thread: New to PS3 help

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    GandalfTheGrey Guest

    Red Face New to PS3 help

    Hello all,

    I am new to this PS3 area. I got a PS3 80GB as a gift last week. I would like to know what all i can do with the PS3. I have a PSP in which i had installed Custom firmware etc. Is this kind possible in PS3?

    Thanks in advance

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    Your best bet is probably to spend some time reading the boards, but to answer:

    Currently the PS3 isn't hacked, so unfortunately there is no way to run unsigned code on it such as Custom Firmware like the PSP has.

    There are a few things you can do in Linux (check Linux Forum) and you can run PS2 game back-ups from the PS3 HDD (check PS3 HDD Forum) but that is about it to date... there is no way to play PS3 back-ups yet, etc.

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    GandalfTheGrey Guest
    Thanks a lot! let me try linux part.

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