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    stue1975 Guest

    New PS3 HDD sticks and won't format help?

    I get a message after installing a new HDD with much bigger capacity, saying...

    Preparing to update... Do not turn off the system. After preparation has completed, the system will restart automatically.

    42% i've been has high as 74%.

    Any ideas would be very helpful

    Thank you

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    niwakun Guest
    so what's the main issue here? HDD did format properly since you can install a update, if it doesnt past the update process then something wrong with your ps3, mainly loose cable inside ps3

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    stue1975 Guest
    I formatted the drive on my PC to start with to FAT32 , seemed to format fine... I installed the drive then get this message... The system software cannot run correctly. Press the PS button to try to restart the system.

    If the system cannot be restarted, you must install the correct system software. Connect storage media that contains update of version 4.46 or later, and then press the START and SELECT...

    as just pressing the PS button doesn't work I pick the START AND SELECT which takes me to the 1st message I typed in my 1st post. what do you think?

    Thank you

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    kokotonix Guest
    I had a similar issue when using a hdd that seemed completely fine when connected to the PC. For some strange reason the ps3 did not like it...

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    vegeta777 Guest
    The PS3 likes seagate HDD, I've gone up to 1TB on mine with no problems. It's still running strong for 3 yrs. now, just let the PS3 format it and install by itself because even if you do this on your Pc it will still want you to format it's very picky and reformats it again lol. So just let it do it for you once the right way.

    I hope this helps you out.

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    niwakun Guest
    I see, most of the users fix this similar issue by setting their hard drives into SATA1.5 mode (seagate had this) by shorting the SATA1 jumper.

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    mushy409 Guest
    If the format screen freezes at certain points it may be that the HDD you're using has bad sectors on there. Is it a new HDD you're installing?

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