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Thread: New PS3 HDD help?

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    slerho Guest

    New PS3 HDD help?

    i have a new hdd and would like to install 4.20 cfw.

    any help will be greatly welcomed and thanks in advance

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    zacatrophic Guest
    Hello slerho! As of right now cfw only go up to 3.55.

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    slerho Guest
    So i guess im out of luck with running a cfw?

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    zacatrophic Guest
    Maybe just out of luck for a 4.20 cfw for now. There is always the option of a hardware flasher to downgrade your firmware to 3.55 (if your ps3 came with 3.55 or lower). Then from there you can get 3.55 cfw.

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    Thanatos911 Guest
    Yeah sorry CFW real is 3.55 and lower. You can search on how to downgrade from your version. There should be videos out there and how-to guides that can help you. I hope this helps.

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    slerho Guest
    I have a complete wipe hdd nothing on it

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    The ps3 system formats any new hard drive for that system, and will only put part of the firmware on the hard drive, assuming you have a nor console. Whatever firmware that your console is on, is what your hard drive will be as well. Nothing cfw after 3.55. Try minverchecker to see if you can downgrade.

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by slerho View Post
    I have a complete wipe hdd nothing on it
    To elaborate a little more - the PS3 still stores some data internally, on a flash chip. The only way to downgrade would be using hardware (depending on your HW revision), hooked inside the PS3 to bring it to a lower version.

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