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    [UnAnswered] New PS3 have a few questions

    1. I've just updated firmware to 1.32 mainly because I have a 1080i res tv, and there is no point in running blu-ray down to 720p so I updated (hopefully not making a huge mistake).

    2. I also read on $onys site that it is possible to run PS2 backups from the HDD, so my question is... Is anyone looking into this?
    *(The PLAYSTATION®3 system software version 1.32 update (with 1.30 and 1.31) includes the following:
    Game: New for 1.31: You can now play PlayStation®2 format software titles that must be installed on the hard disk)
    3. Theoretically speaking, shouldn't the PS3 firmware being so similar to PSP have the same lets call them "loopholes" that would make everything that’s possible on PSP possible on PS3?

    4. I have been reading a little bit over the weekend about all of this, but if paradox has a loader, would it be safe to say that again theoretically speaking, shouldn't we always be able to run some type of loader for the PS3 Iso's vs. a modchip of some kind? Time obviously is key here.

    5. Even if the GameOS maybe isn't able to play backups yet or eventually, couldn't a PS3 emulator of sorts be created via Linux to use the hardware that WOULD play backups I mean I thought that Linux was able to utilize quite large amounts of the PS3 cell and system resources?

    I know these aren't all questions, some just random thoughts, but I just wanted to open it up for conversation. Please, feel free to correct me about anything I've addressed that may be incorrect, I'm 100% new to Linux and really the PS3 as well, I just can't help but think with how similar it is to PSP that there has to be ways around, backdoors etc, just like the PSP.

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    interesting points you have there, and though i can't answer a single one of them, i'm most interested in #2 because i looked over that ENTIRELY when i was on their website.... how in the hell does that work? i never saw anything when playing PS2 games to backup the game on the hard drive - anyone have any insight into that, and all the rest of these really good points?!

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    1. Not sure why you needed to update firmware to play 1080i blu-ray, just bought my first one yesterday and i am on FW 1.10 and I am watching in 1080i, max resolution for my TV.

    2. I am assuming that they meant games like Final Fantasy, where you needed a HDD to play it. they would not let you "copy" games the the HDD cause that would just open the gates to ps2 games being shared. look at PSX on PSP, they are not ready for that with PS2 games yet...they still are selling/making PS2 games.

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    1. Right now, the only downside of having a firmware above 1.10 is that you can't open your PS3, possibly mess it up and play PS2 backups. So, updating it to 1.32 was fine.

    2. Sony's site doesn't say that you can run PS2 backups from the HDD. What it says is that games that require being installed to the HDD (like Final Fantasy XI) can now be played on the PS3. You still need a legal version of the game.

    3. Technically speaking, everything has exploits. It doesn't matter that the PS3 and the PSP look the same. The same exploits on the PSP can't be used on the PS3, and vice versa. The PS3 has a much different type of security than the PSP.

    4. Yes, if PARADOX has an ISO loader that will run from the hard drive, that means we more than likely won't have to open our consoles and install modchips. The ISO loader, as far as we know, is a softmod (software based modification) and not a hardmod (hardware based modification).

    5. Writing a PS3 emulator will not happen for decades. In theory, the hardware you run an emulator on needs to be approximately 10x faster than the hardware you wish to emulate. Meaning that, as of right now, we can't emulate a PS3. And, Linux on the PS3 is restricted in that there is no hardware acceleration, meaning a lot of games, emulators, etc. won't run like they would on a PC because access to the graphics adapter is very limited.

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