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    envelopes Guest

    New PS3 Hard Drive question help?

    A long time ago I had a phat console and replaced the hard drive with a PC laptop one (probably had data on it). I now have a different phat console (CECHC03), although the type is probs the same. I remember just formatting the new HDD when it was installed via the XMB

    Is the same possible? I've been reading that you need to update the console before the new HDD will work, I don't want to do that as I'll be on OFW 3.55 Or is this just the newer consoles where some of the firmware is on the HDD and not on the system (flash?)

    Apologies for my ignorance, I've been out of touch with PS3 for a few years.

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    misiozol Guest
    No need to update anything on your model FAT , update files apply only to consoles with 16MB nand (slims) and some late FAT CECHHxx onwards models, after replacing HDD you have to put on USB update data same or higher version.

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