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Thread: New PS3 firmware list help?

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    PR0r Guest

    New PS3 firmware list help?

    I'm looking for a new PS3 to get from a shop either bundled or standalone console.

    It needs to have firmware 3.55 or less, is there a database/list of models or known bundles and release dates.

    Thanks in advance

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    cfwprophet Guest
    You can also downgrade your ps3 with several hardware flasher so if you cant find one with 3.55 just buy a flasher and downgrade it.

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    pengekcs Guest
    Sure. Also CECH-300x all versions and CECH-250x from datecode maybe 1B cannot be downgraded by any hardware flasher. So no E3, no teensy based or progskeet crap at all. It has a new metloader (v2) that is not yet cracked I read. Most shops have the CECH-300x versions by now, since it is the only one in production since 2011 spring/summer. So good luck. Maybe we should all just wait till a new fw / crack method comes out. I hope soonish.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    What is bad on progskeet or teensy ?

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    pengekcs Guest
    nothing wrong with them, they can read the NOR flash just fine, but to my knowledge there is no way you can modify the flash dump so that it can be downgraded to 3.55. These machines come with OFW 3.56 (cech-2500) or 3.66 (cech-3000) and cannot be downgraded to 3.55. This is a software restriction if I understand correctly which has not been overcome. Yet.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yes this is true but i thought you mean this both flasher in generally. We would need a syscon exploit (if this is possible) that is also still present on the new con's with metldrv2 or better found a new exploit in metldrv2

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    niwakun Guest
    SYSCON exploit works only on this downgrade flashers if SYSCON had a factory firmware of v3.55 or lower

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    PR0r Guest
    Yea, I brought a CECH-300 not long ago.. and also the E3 Flasher.. I was under the impression all slims could be downgraded (outdated official e3 site). So I now have 2 ps3s on 3.56+ firmware

    Hence the reason I started this thread. We have game shops in australia, in particular EB Games who sell second hand PS3's, thing is they wont check the firmware

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    cfwprophet Guest
    First there is no syscon exploit and second why you think it needs fw lower then 3.55 ? If the exploit still exists (if we would have one) and it's still present on newer fw's then it would also work there. Newer models can't be downgraded cause they have closed the exploit in metldr and syscon run's before metldr.

    If it is a older con then fw doesnt matter you can also downgrade fw 4.0.

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