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    slck2wlly Guest

    Unhappy New PS3 Demo Mode help?

    Hello, I've been on-line all day trying to find how to get this gift to function like I thought it was going to. My friend who was a retail district gaming supply manager had this in the closet for a while so I asked if I could buy it.

    I noticed that the sticker on the bottom said for display use but being that it was in the box and near used, I didn't think anything different. So I set it up and find that it runs in demo only. After spending some time even getting it to start I found that I could put in a code and update it. Sounds like that wasn't a good thing to do.

    I'm not sure what version firmware it was running but now it's on 4.00. Is there a way to go back? My son wants to play on-line games but you can't even when the demo mode is un-locked. I'm thinking about getting my money back. He's not going to like that!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You can't downgrade from 4.0 as far as I know (maybe someone tried E3 flasher ?).

    You could create a MFW to go out of Demo / Kiosk mode - which work for 3.55, but not for 4.0.

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    slck2wlly Guest
    Yeah, Thanks. I've been looking for a way to roll back the version. I'm hoping to not need to purchase the E3.

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