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Thread: New PS3 CFW questions help?

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    silent warrior Guest

    New PS3 CFW questions help?

    Hi everyone! I hacked 2 years ago my PS3 so I can play dowloaded games from the net. (Not myself but a friend of mine since I suck with these stuff). He used the 3.55 filmware and told me not to update the version of PS3 coz the hack will disappear. He said that I can't play the new games with that version and if I want to play them I have to wait for a new filmware to be released.

    I'm not good in searching in the net for stuff like that and sry if this question has been asked before.

    Has there any new filmware released yet? If not then how can we play the newer games in PS3? Do we have to action update the version and buy those games anyway?

    I wanted to play last year so badly PES12 and not PES13 is out and I'm still stuck with PSE11.

    Thanks in advance!

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    hilongo Guest
    Maybe this post answers your question...

    On a side note, you can play most of the new games on your firmware.. but have to apply a patch of fix that makes the game compatible ... Some games are impossible to fix for 3.55, so you need a newer one.

    I haven't tried the PES games... but I think you can play PES12 on 3.55 for sure ... and PES13 maybe.

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