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    [UnAnswered] New To the PS3

    I have a new ps3... what kinda kool crap can i do with it? Is it able to read Mpegs Avi's Etc? Anythingt would be kewel. i dont even play video games, LoL.. i just wanna screw around with it.

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    As it sits the PS3 will only read DVD's or Blu-Ray movies, you've got yourself a very solid machine if you wanted it just to watch blu-ray movies but all you need to do now is plop down $60 and your gaming man!

    You could author those .avi's or mpegs to VOB's and then burn a DVD with some freeware programs out there.

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    From what the manual says, it can play mpeg files easily. It also plays MPEG-4 in AVC or h.264 format.

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