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    Rav Guest

    Exclamation New Project: 2006 60 gig launch ps3 help needed

    I recently got a 60 gig launch consel from 2006. the project is to fix it. and i have a few questions or more like suggestions and or help.
    • Where could i get a brand new case for the ps3, the whole case not just a cover for the top?
    • Where could i get a blue-ray drive that is cheap?
    • can i get a card reader for this ps3 ?

    I am having trouble getting to the chip area of the board, to apply thermal paste to, and use the heat gun ylod fix. which should not be hard. i have taken a ps3 apart before but never saw a setup like this and i don't want to break it. since it is a launch counsel and does work in a sort. if there is a 60 gig launch video that shows it dissembled that would be great.

    Another issue is this:

    Could i solder this it did have pins on it and now it does not. and the ribbin is attached to the plastic which has tiny holes that the pins fit in. but the pins were on the motherboard and got taken off.. what could i do there?

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    Rav Guest
    i was able to get a case now for this.. so that is off the list now.

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