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Thread: New payloads and Singstar tracks?

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    ghorricks Guest

    New payloads and Singstar tracks?

    As several developers have managed to enable retail PKG installations via the new payloads, how far away are we from being able to add tracks to singstar?

    It would be great to have all the tracks in one place that are playable through just a single SingStar title... what are the hurdles left in place?

    My userstanding is that the tracks are assigned to a local username on the PS3 and as long as you know who purchased the tracks and create a username on your PS3 (dont even need to use it) it will function correctly and appear in the list of available tracks.

    And may I just say a big thank you to all the homebrew developers out there working on emulators and utilities for the PS3 - you're just as important as those people getting the backup features working properly!

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    hassekf Guest
    I'm looking for something like it. For GH too, maybe figure it out what kind of file are the musics in, and try to put in, i don't know, the folder of donwloaded songs or direct in the install folder on the ps3. A pack of all songs in just one game would be awesome.

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    aamir007 Guest
    You could probably add your own tracks if you could locate where the files are not really sure as i don't know how singstar works. But there's probably a folder where you put them in.

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    ghorricks Guest
    I'm sure that there are enough people with Singstar, RB and GH games that would like to have all their content in one place being loaded from a single title... I guess its just a matter of time, but we're the idea people not the genius programmers that will work out how to do it! LOLZ!

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    tim132 Guest
    Me and the wife have 4 singstar PS3 discs and 10+ singstar PS2 discs (I've lost count of the PS2 discs but we have almost all of them!!)

    It would be great if we could add all the songs to one folder so they can be played with just one disc/backup manager load. I'll be watching this space!

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