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Thread: New HDD behavior for FFXI on PS3

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    Transient Guest

    Lightbulb New HDD behavior for FFXI on PS3

    I'm not sure if this has been noticed already, but today when I fired up Final Fantasy XI on my 60GB PS3, I received a message saying a 2048MB partition would need to be created before I could continue. I clicked X and after a few minutes of creating a partition it continued on to load the game.

    This game has been installed on my PS3 since January 2007 and I've never seen that message before now. Also, I hadn't loaded that game up since August of this year as I'm no longer a player (but I still keep in contact with some friends using it) so I'm not sure when exactly things changed.

    For those who don't know, FFXI is an online PS2 HDD based game which only runs on the early 20/60GB PS3s which had the Emotion chip. It requires the download of a PS2 HDD support pack from the Playstation Store.

    I thought I'd point out this new behavior since it's possible this was changed to plug a security hole.

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    pacific808 Guest
    That does sound interesting. I know when I first installed ffxi on my ps3 I got that message. I know when you first download the ps2 hdd app it reserves a certain amount of space (2gb I'm guessing) and if it needs more hdd space it adds on as you install stuff and what not.

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