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    kevwade Guest

    New firmware rebooting my Linksys router

    Since I updated my ps3, every time I turn it on it keeps rebooting my router. If I unplug it from the ps3 the router is fine. Anyone else have this problem?


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    rioncrane Guest
    A ps3 cant reboot your router, maybe you have the same ip on you ps3 and your pc, or the same ip on ps3 and router.

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    goldenone Guest
    I had the same issue with my linksys, and yes, it was a conflict with the ip's. Is my buddy pointed out to me was a that i has a nat type 3 eww. i needed a 2 and the way i got that was a DMZ. i put my ip address from my ps3 into the DMZ in the router. It worked like a carm, after that if i saw issues it was cause by my ips had changed on there own, so ended up getting a dlink, but thats how you do it, pretty easy fix.

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