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Thread: New firmware crashing PS3?

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    Navstore Guest

    Thumbs Down New firmware crashing PS3?

    Since i updated my ps3 to firmware 2.0 i've been having problems signing in and playing games. The playstation freezes when i select them off the XMB. Anyone else have this problem or isit just me?

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    Zoddi Guest
    only strange behaivour i mentioned one time that i started the ps3 over the controller and the controller keeps searching while the ps3 is fully started. connected it over the cable and it works again.

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    sapphireforever Guest
    This is what I think because it happen to me. On firmware 2.0, when information bar try to access headline from the internet, any thing you try to access either system setting or play game will lag or freeze. I turn that off and everything is fine.

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    Hedi Guest
    Everything works fine for me on the new firmware. I hope there's an option somewhere to disable the stupid useless bar in the corner.

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    A2theC Guest
    I had problems accessing the PS store before, it loaded incomplete pages and corrupt icons before the update. Now that I am on 2.0 everything is fine, sometimes the information bar makes the xmb lag for a second while it connects to the internet, but I just turn it on when I want to check on it, and then quickly turn it off.

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