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Thread: New External Drive question?

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    Lakerfanalways Guest

    New External Drive question?

    Hi everyone. I have a 1TB external Seagate GoFlex desktop drive and have purchased a 3TB drive (I was running out of room on the 1TB drive so figured mind as well upgrade to something larger) I have the FAT PS3 system.. I have read (of course after I had already ordered the drive) that the PS3 has a limit of 2TB that it can read, is this true.. because the drive is supposed to arrive here on Thursday and I don't want to have to send it back.

    others have told me that since I have a FAT PS3 that it will work so I dont know what the real deal is.. can someone let me know if it does indeed work.. thanks!

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    Natepig Guest
    I might be wrong but I think that the 2tb limit only applies to internal hdd's.

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    Lakerfanalways Guest
    So you think my 3TB external drive will work just fine on my fat ps3? Just wanted to be sure because I have heard so many things, some say it won't work, some say it will work.. what program do you suggest I use to format the drive to fat32.. I have fat32formatter which I used on my 1TB drive a while back, I assume it will work on my 3tb drive.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    you can always have 2tb for the ps3 and the other 1tb ntfs for usage with the pc... moreover, you will just have to check it yourself... if ppl say it'll work and it doesn't then theres nothing you will be able to do to make it work... So i would say just check it when it arrives.

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    elser1 Guest
    the 2 tb limit is for internal only... format the 3tb to fat32 and it will work fine.

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    ThaJFator Guest
    I don't know if this is going to be any real help, but out of curiosity sake I just plugged up a 2TB external and another 1TB that I have laying around and it didn't seem to have any issues with reading data off either.. Obviously I didn't sit there and try every single file, but all data was showing.. Both external drives are Western Digital..

    To give my opinion on your 2nd enquiry, a have never had an issue with gui format.. That's just my opinion though.. Hope I have been of some help..

    EDIT: Forgot to say Hi, as this is my first post, so HI ALL!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaJFator View Post
    EDIT: Forgot to say Hi, as this is my first post, so HI ALL!!
    Welcome ThaJFator, very nice of you to help out on your first post here and +Rep!

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