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    Registered User gore fiend's Avatar
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    just click on every icon that has a car in it until you find it

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    PS3 Square Button PS3 Demos - Question

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    Sorry if I am missing something extremely obvious, but I have looked / tried and cannot seem to find out how to uninstall the demos I've downloaded.

    Another question I have, if someone knows the answer, is after a demo is downloaded and installed does the PS3 automatically delete the downloaded install file? Or is this just sitting there taking up space? If so, how can I delete these files as well?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey, I believe the "install-file" is deleted automatically. To delete a demo simply go onto the demo you want to delete in your XMB, press "Triangle" and then select delete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramasetter357 View Post
    ok i went to the japanese PSN and i clicked on the ridge racer 7 pic in the demos section and it takes me to aweird page and i dont know where the demo to download is. all i find is small 1 MB files that if i click start downloading. so wheres the REAL demo?
    Get yourself an HK account. Same as Jap, but in english. On the HK store, the first 2 downloads are for additional tracks and car decals, if you keep scrolling to the right, you will find the RR7 demo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramasetter357 View Post
    new tracks? how many more tracks are available?
    Not sure. I don't have the full game, just the demo, so I didn't bother downloading them.

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    you think someone will find a way to copy demos, game content, ect. from the playstation store and post them on the internet for people like me who are not going to update our firmware, so we can download them? that would be cool! cause i'm at 1.32, and i'm sticking with that!

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    No, you have to update! hope someone comes up with a way to download demos on the internet!
    Last edited by hunter316; 01-30-2007 at 09:21 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashraf View Post
    Hi guys.

    I just got a US PS3 today with firmware 1.10

    Would I be able to download GTHD and any other demos without updating the firmware?

    No, you have to use the latest firmware to access the PlayStation Store.


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