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Thread: New Blu Ray Drive not reading discs help?

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    purepainx Guest

    New Blu Ray Drive not reading discs help?

    Hello everyone,

    I had problems with my old drive recently - it made some weird noises like the mechanism. I took it apart and inspected it, I couldn't find anything wrong. I did some cleaning and no good.

    So I bought a new blu ray drive and I have it connected. Everything seems to be working properly except it won't read any discs. It makes a weird eject sound and attempts again.

    Do I need to remarry this drive? It is the same PS3 just a new drive. If someone can answer this please do so.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Ok first thing is that I need to know what model your ps3 is. If it is any model besides the Cech 2501 then you have to change the control board in the drive. If it is the 2501 and up the control board is built into the mother board. So what is you model of ps3 and did you change out the whole drive or just the laser. Thanks

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    xNoName Guest
    my drive doesnt work either whats the best way to fix it?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Again need to know the ps3 that you have. Thanks

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    srgnt Guest
    i also have the same problem i have a ps3 slim cech-2001b if any body can help it would be appreciated

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    windrider42 Guest
    Check post #2 -

    Also same as racer0018 posted. Need to know model number of PS3 and issue your having?

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    purepainx Guest
    Mine is cech-2001a

    I changed out the drive and put my old board on it. I really don't think it's a bad board because the drive before made weird noises shortly stopped working. (game freezing and hearing disc jam)

    please help with any information. If its the board can I somehow use a new board and remarry it?

    thank you

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    racer0018 Guest
    To use a new control board you have to downgrade the ps3 to 3.55 and then run the software to remarry it is service mode and you should be good to go. That is why I say use the control board that came with it cause you don't have to remarry. Thanks

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