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    givato Guest

    New added games don't work anymore?

    First off nice forum, it helped me with jailbreaking and downloading demos to my ps3. Nice job!

    So i jailbreaked my PS3 with my iPhone 3G everything was cool, i downloaded GTA IV & Avatar to see if it worked. So i created the GAMEZ on my external Hard drive and copied the 2 games. loaded them with Backup manager and everything was working with these games and still is.

    But 1 day later i tried to copy 2 other games (need for speed shift & Heavy rain) to my hard drive... so far so good, but when i load heavy rain with Backup smanager and i open the game it keeps on loading and when i try to exit the game the PS3 reboots and showing me a map with Corrupted data and of course the jailbreak is not applied. The need for speed on the other hand is showing a black screen nothing happends and when i exit the game it goes back to the normal menu.

    I already reinstalled backup manager but still same problem, i think sony did something Greetings from the netherlands!

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Put both games on the the internal hdd instead of external. Hopefully that fixes these issues.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Few people have this problem in a variety of forums. It is usually solved by one of these 2 options:

    1. Delete the relevant GameData to the game you have backed up.

    2. Redownload backup manager. Remember, you can always restore your HardDrive as well. You will loose everything, but your Jailbreak will still work, and you can reinstall the homebrew apps.

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