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    Typhoon859 Guest

    New 60GB Motherboard prompt to Format HDD?

    So I got the YLOD a while back and since then I took apart my PS3 and heated the CPU and GPU back into place four times. Each time only lasted for a short while - a month at most.

    I was lucky enough to find and purchase a fairly new 60GB motherboard to replace mine and once I did and turned it on, I got the message that I need to format my HDD to continue because it doesn't recognize it. So... a few questions...

    1) Have I lost any information that isn't easily re-creatable/re-attainable that's saved on the motherboard? What information is permanently saved in general on the motherboard?

    2) Very stupidly, aside from the format option, the PS3 doesn't give any other choice like backing up the HDD first maybe. That being the case, is there any way I can backup the info on this hard drive to load it back onto it once the drive has been formatted? I've already made the mistake before of plugging it into the computer and initializing.

    3) In general, is there any way of getting around this issue - maybe bypassing the prompt in some way?

    -Thank you guys, sincerely...

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    TheShroomster Guest
    it seem that the PS3 acts like a Windows system, change too many parts and it freaks out and makes you reactivate the OS, or in sonys case, reformat the drive and i think you should be able to redownload any software you had if you are on the current firmware. if not and ur ps3 is jailbroken you can install the stuff via ftp

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    1. Of course what ever was in the old MB will not apear on the new one - mainly accounts settings etc. but those could be recreated.

    2. Only way to backup the data would be using the original MB unfortunately.

    3. In short - no - the content of the hard drive is encrypted with the unique key linked to the particular PS3 or more specifically it's mainboard.

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    Typhoon859 Guest
    The issue here, if it wasn't obvious, is that formatting the HDD isn't really an option for me. I would lose all the data on it like game saves and a lot more.

    What if I can't get my old motherboard to work again? Basically I'm screwed? Aside from needing to take the PS3 apart and needing to put it back together two more times, making that 7 times I would have needed to do that, is there really no other way? Because really, if someone's motherboard died, then getting a new one isn't really a solution if that's the case.

    Man... Maybe I can transfer some of the chips from my old mobo to the new one or something? Lol, but seriously, I've presented so many different issues which I'm certainly not the only one to run into, and even in the place that's supposed to have the most information on the PS3, nobody was able to tell me how to fix ANY of them really. Either there's something wrong or this device is a bigger fortress than the Pentagon to get around...

    PS- Would resetting the memory of the motherboard somehow help? If that's a possibility, how could I maybe do that?

    Thanks again guys, I'm just getting a bit frustrated with this crap. With everything I've done, there has been an issue to which I get responses like, you SHOULD'VE done this, or DO THIS which isn't possible, or it's impossible to do the possible on almost all other devices in existence...

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    CJPC Guest
    Nope - alas for now your out of luck. Your only hope would be repairing your old motherboard, and doing a system transfer to the new motherboard - in which case, you will need the rest of the PS3 as well.

    There is, of course, always the slim chance someone will make a PC side app, after sorting the algo, keys, and filesystem - but honestly, that may never happen.

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