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Thread: Netflix on PS3 without disc possible?

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    ctjewett Guest

    Question Netflix on PS3 without disc possible?

    Now that Netflix discs have been shipping for a few weeks, I've been looking for some soft of a way to copy the disc to flash drive or something similar, such that I can use Netflix without keeping the disc in the drive. I'm tired of swapping between my latest game and Netflix all the time.

    Sony promises support in a later firmware, but when? It'll not likely make the 3.15 that's currently in development, and all we're getting is "some future update." I was, frankly, kind of mortified to get a realize that the disc that came in the mail wasn't installable, but rather had to stay in the system.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, the disc is a stop-gap. Namely, it's just a BD-J disc. Back in the day, you could run BD-J code from USB etc, but if I recall, it has been blocked in later firmwares.

    Sadly, its kind of at the whim of Sony. Hopefully the code will be done soon fast enough, and integrated right into the XMB, alas how long that could take is anyone's guess.

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    ctjewett Guest
    I get that -- but like I said, it'll be in a future firmware, as yet unannounced. Don't get me wrong, anything is better than nothing, but it's still annoying as heck. Just looking for a shorter term solution until Sony readies the firmware.

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    AzzzPirateBritt Guest


    Could you try going to the netflix site itself and streaming movies that way? I know it's a couple extra steps but that might solve having to swap discs.

    I haven't yet got Netflix for my PS3 yet, so I'm not sure how the quality would differ between having the blu-ray disc and streaming from their site, as well as if there are any restrictions as to what movies you can stream via the site versus streaming using the disc.

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    kp13 Guest
    How much is it a month?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kp13 View Post
    How much is it a month?
    Right now they have a free trial:
    Your free 2 week Netflix membership will begin when you click on "Start Membership" during the registration process. Simply cancel anytime during your 2 week free membership, and you will not be charged.

    To cancel, click on "Your Account" and follow the simple cancellation instructions. If you are enjoying Netflix, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate for the plan you selected.

    The FREE Trial offer is available to first time and certain former members of the Netflix service and cannot be combined with any other offer.

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    LiquidXed Guest
    Its not much, we got like 3 movies at a time coming, plus the using the disc for streaming, its worth it now, until psn starts charging for the service, just a matter of time.

    it will prolly be in the next major update they put out..

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    enohand Guest
    also using playon with your acount info for netflix entered works pretty well... tho not as pretty as running netflix with the disc.

    what im wondering (& will be testing tonight) is what info is being exchanged from the disc/ps3, to the netflix servers... maybe just grabbing a XMl file or somthing.

    maybe we can use ps3 proxy & have it load up a custom file... i will report back tonight if i have a chance to test.

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    It will be this October finally, see here:

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