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Thread: Netflix on PS3 discussion help?

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    TidusMcCloud Guest

    Netflix on PS3 discussion help?

    Hi Everybody! Just signed up and have been checking the site for some Netflix info. I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to share some incite with me.

    I'm in Canada and have been reaping the benefits getting other versions of Netflix on a regular basis but the recent update has upset my delicate eco-system, bye-bye Rules of Engagement - pun intended.

    I usually just do an opensearch online to find a new DNS to use and through trial and errror (the extra rrr was intended find one that works. i would like a more straight froward approach, if possible. Anyone have any thoughts? ... on the matter, of course?

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    JeoWay Guest
    Run a debugging proxy and a VPN. Have the VPN set to US location. Attach the proxy from the debug proxy to the PS3, you are in the US now...

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    TidusMcCloud Guest
    Can I do that even if the PS3 is not running CFW? I have only just started to delve into the realm of hacking so I'm not familiar with all of the terminology, however I'm ready and willing learn so any suggested posts or tutorials you know of that you feel would help me to better understand your suggestion would be appreciated. I have to admit i don't know how to do anything you said ... Sorry.

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