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    ninjaihawk Guest

    Netflix + Jailbroken PS3 help?


    I really like the idea of streaming netflix and want to purchase it. My PS3 is on FW 3.41, not jailbroken yet. I really want to jailbreak it, and I really want to use netflix.

    I assume the only way to download the netflix application is to 'downgrade' my firmware to the latest one and connect to PSN? Is there any other way?

    Also, if I jailbreak, is it easily 'undone' even if I put homebrew apps on it and such?


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    chomps268 Guest
    I think you mean the only way you can get Netflix is if you 'upgrade' your firmware. If so, then you are correct as far as I know. I know a while back Netflix was sending out free PS3 Netflix discs, which is where I got mine. The only thing is, you have to pop the disc in every time you want to use Netflix. Kinda gets to be a pain in the ass. But yea, I'm not sure if they're still handing these out or not. You might want to look into that.

    But other than that, yes, you'd have to upgrade to get the 'discless' version of it. It IS very handy but... Once you upgrade, there's no going back. From that point on, your ps3 is in Sony's hands and your system will get further raped of it's features. I wouldn't reccomend updating but if you feel you desire discless Netflix that bad, then by all means go for it.

    As far as getting rid of the jailbreak, all you'd really have to do is delete all the homebrew you've got, games, etc... Then just never jailbreak it again, it's that simple.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I can imagine it's not too hard to replicate that disk in some manner for use on a JB system, assuming they never block the disk app...

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    bitsbubba Guest
    my guess is any one who has the disk it will be a coaster real soon if not already, so there would be no since in replicating from the disk our only hope is a JB payload that works on FW 3.42 and allows PSN sign in as those are the new requirements of Netflix diskless.

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    Bishoff Guest
    I have the disc version and they are deactivating the usage of the disc. You can only access it with the app after 9 days from now (in my case) I hope a workaround comes out. You can download the app as a pkg file and easily install it but it doesn't work.

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