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    caca213 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by natepig View Post
    From what i've been reading netflix works on kmeaw 3.55 cfw without psn, you have to delete it then reinstall it for it to work.

    Its very unlikely that psn access will be available to cfw users in the future, short of the odd few days to a week, because of the psn down time to increase security.

    For now the perfect firmware to be on is kmeaw 3.55, make the switch and things will work better, and people will be able to help you more, if you need it.
    i want to make sure, if not why go throught the trouble of upgrading, i just need someone to confirm on kmeaw 3.55 that netflix is working.

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    Natepig Guest
    It's easy to upgrade and seeing as netflix is not working for you now, its better to do it.

    Hey man sorry, but I was just reading that netflix DOES NOT WORK on 3.55. I must have been looking at old stuff before. I still think you should upgrade but if you are happy where you are then cool.

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    Bishoff Guest
    Sorry mate, but there is no working solution for Netflix at this time. I also recommend u stay on 3.41 as there is no reason to go to 3.55. Compatibility is still the highest on 3.41.

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    severusx Guest
    Compatibility with what is still higher on 3.41? Games? no. Homebrew? no.

    Please don't spread opinions as incorrect information.

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