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Thread: NES Emulator FCE Ultra on the ps3?

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    prosecondbase7 Guest

    NES Emulator FCE Ultra on the ps3?

    Hi all I have got the sega (pgen) and snes emulators working flawlessly on my ps3 via Swap Magic 3.8, but when I add fce ultra to my psxloader its doesnt work. I know it is possible because others have got it to work. for configurations sega works with (f pgen) snes works with (D usbmass), what does fce ultra work with? Anyone who has fce ultra working please let me know how you did it or what I am doing wrong thankyou.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    If you have the other emus working then Iīm sure your problem is not your setup. You probably have a ps3 60gb pal or 80gb US which doesnīt have the EE chip and thatīs the problem. unfortunately some code doesnīt work right on the ps3s emulating the Emotion Engine.
    I was able to find out what was wrong on a couple of emulators. It was the same problem on all 3. PVCS,PSMS and FceUltra.
    check this thread. I posted them somewhere in there.

    If your ps3 does have the EE chip then thereīs also this thread.

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    prosecondbase7 Guest
    Quote from:
    Quote Originally Posted by aries2k6 View Post
    Hereīs the NES emu FCEU.

    Itīs version 0.90 but it works on all ps3s that are ps2 compatible. It had the same problem code as pvcs_reloaded and psms_reloaded. thatīs why it wouldnīt boot on ps3s with no EE.

    Boot the elf with psxloader, same as SNES, option D. the emulator has usb support.
    I just tried this file and I get a loading error. I do believe that my ps3 doesnt have the EE chip as it is not a launch unit. It is an 80 gb backwards model that emulates the EE.

    what is the difference between the sega master systems emu and pgen?

    I have been reading many forums and your name (aries) keeps popping up helping person after person. I would like to show gratitude and say thanks for all your help as your are allowing people to go back to their childhood with these emulators. Much appreciation.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Ya, thereīs something wrong with the fceu.elf I posted. Iīm not sure what went wrong there. I put a new link for a more recent version in the tutorial thread. This one works, I double checked this time.

    The psms emu is just for the sega master system. Although Iīve heard that PGEN does play sms games, I was never able to boot them. I might have been doing something wrong so if you can play them on PGEN, just use that.

    NES does bring back some memories for me so Iīm glad if I can help others relive them too

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    prosecondbase7 Guest
    Works to perfection now I can play contra, bubble bobble, blades of steel and more.

    Hey thanks a lot one time.

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