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    Feb 2009

    Question Need for Speed undercover patch to fix frame rate?

    Just wondering if any1 knows of a patch for need for speed undercover to fix the frame rate, i know they have fixed it on the pc version.

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    Feb 2009


    i think there will be an update for fixing this problem..

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    Jun 2005
    It would be great if they did release it, i know i played it once on the PS3 the day it come out and was majorly disappointed... the frame rate issues were the main annoyance to me, but the whole game in general was a bit of a let down

    Hopefully any patch they do release will make amends to them

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    Mar 2009

    Not This patch.

    On there website is says that the low FPS probably will be fixed shortly. The forums say not this patch tho.

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