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    Feduz Guest

    Need for speed most wanted DLC help?

    hello, i've this version of nfs mw: Need_for_Speed_Most_Wanted_PS3-ACCiDENT BLUS31010.. i change the language in SKUCONFIG.INI (in ita). i want to install this dlc: Need.for.Speed.Most.Wanted.Ultimate.Speed.Pack.DLC .PS3-DUPLEX

    i've 1.03 version of the game, so it's ok. i install it but it doesn't happen.. the game play normally without this addon.

    i extract the pkg, in usrdir there is a folder named unlocks with some file edat, i go in hdd0 game blus ecc for add the folder but i see that those file they are in it (before i installed the dlc with install packeg files), so the ps can't read it (it's my opinion)


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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Chancing a ini on PS3 will not work, sorry. You must make sure that your NFSMW and the DLC are for the same version of the game (BLUS31010)

    If you can't get it to work I'd recommend get the Duplex release of NFSMW this should guarantee the DLC compatibility.

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    hilongo Guest
    If you have BLUS31010 ... then you should check that the DLC you are installing has the same ID.

    If the DLC is for another ID, it will be installed in a different folder in your hdd0. For some games you just copy the files to the correct location and it works, but that's not always the case....

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    Feduz Guest
    the id is the same, but one guy told me that i can't change the language of the game in skunfig, so i've to play the game in english, but the param is the same, there is inside blusxxx. is it a possible motive?

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