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Thread: Need some PS3 CFW help here please?

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    tigereye Guest

    Question Need some PS3 CFW help here please?

    Hi Boys and Girls!

    i just buy new ps3 and its got ofw 3.55 any idea which CFW i can use to play Backup on ps3 and also Online if that possible...

    i try to search on forum but cannot find helpfully info.. Thank you in advance for helping me

    for Admin and Mod if this post in wrong section then sorry transfer my post to the right place..

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    Liongooder Guest
    You can install kmeaw 3.55CFW, or ROGERO cfw, check this:

    as for the online part i'm not sure because there was no certain answer, so i don't know if it only apply for cheater, but anyway check this too:

    or rebug REX check it out:

    Hope that i helped.

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