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    shinzero Guest

    Thumbs Up Need some help (PS3 CECHL01) please?

    Hello. I have a problem with my ps3 CECHL01 The other day I turned on and the error "RSOD" appeared. I searched for a solution. First I try going into "recovery mode" and use "Lv2Diag.self method", all went well and reinstalled Rogero v3.7 3.55.

    Then I tried a game which operated well, and then I went to work. When I returned, I turned on the ps3 and would not start. After five seconds of green light came a yellow with 3 beeps and then a blinking red.

    Can someone please guide me on what I can do to make it work? Thank you very much.

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    akimazaki Guest
    Are your ps3 getting hot??

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    shinzero Guest
    No, It isn't.

    If it's not getting hot, what other thing could it be?

    Thanks for your help.

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    snos2 Guest
    try another firmware ? i recomend rebug 4.21-1 very stable , you will also need the 9.99 downgrader.

    check my other posts (out of curiosity have you removed all media disc usb etc. then power on)

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    Liongooder Guest
    Blinking Red Light, one of the common problems, the only thing is to send back to $ony, so they can fix the problem, and you can't because the firmware is modified

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    shinzero Guest
    Tnx i will try another firmware.

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