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Thread: Need a PS3 3.55 restore file help?

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    NameInUse Guest

    Need a PS3 3.55 restore file help?

    So here I am still trying to do the impossible. I am trying to find a way to downgrade my 4.11 FW to a 3.55 CFW. I know everyone says it can't be done. Though I haven't (in all my searches) seen anyone mention a back up and recovery method. Would it be possible to take some one's 3.55 CFW file back up and just run a system restore to it on mine? Now they say that 4.11 is unbreakable, but there has to be a way around it to leave 4.11 in the past.

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    elser1 Guest
    you would need a cfw spoofed to 4.11 which is fine, but it wont work.your ps3 will still be on 4.11

    and i think it will be hard to find someone to upload 20-620 gigs for you to use.u need a friend close to you to try really.

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    NameInUse Guest
    What a drag. I really didn't think that it was going to be that big of a file. Bummer... And I am in Honduras, I doubt there is anyone even close to me with what I need. So as you can tell I am new to the whole jail breaking game. Is there any other methods? Or how would I go about spoofing my FW?

    Then in my travels I just found this tonight:

    Any idea if this would work, I couldn't quite track a long with the instructions.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You won't be able to do so. Some of the files stored in a firmware is stored in your NAND/NOR chip on your PS3. The only you can overwrite that chip with 3.55 firmware is to use a device like the E3 flasher.

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    NameInUse Guest
    What do I need to make a flasher? Or where can i get one? I'm assuming it's along the lines of being something like a bootable USB drive for my PS3?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    All PS3 downgrade equipment requires you to open the PS3 and either solder something on the mother board or in the E3 flashers case just clip it on. Just look up ProgSkeet, Infectus and E3 flasher. To get a better idea on what they all do.

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    super snow13 Guest
    hey i'm just wanting to jailbreak my ps3 is there somewhere you could show me where it says how? is back up manager through jailbreak?

    and can you download games and put them on your ps3 without doing it? please help

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    chamuco Guest
    i second that

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Hi, Here are the steps you must take to get your PS3 jailbroken:

    1. Check if your Ps3 can be downgraded to 3.55 or below this helps
    2. Check if your PS3 is NAND or Nor (Slims are always Nor)
    3. If possible downgarde via a Flasher I'd recommend Progskeet here are some tut how to do for NOR, progskeet also has a solderless solution.

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    NameInUse Guest
    I am going to have to look them up one at a time and research. I'd like to just make my own. Just need to figure out what the insides consist of. I was hoping that there would be a more USB style of doing it. Well I've been itching to take apart my new system anyways.

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