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Thread: Need help to Unbrick PS3?

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    oceansoul Guest

    Need help to Unbrick PS3?

    I have ps3 Fat ps3 bricked firmware cant turn tham on i get green that red blinking light ! I install wrong firmware 3.55 wainkiko and cant put ps3 on factory mod and cant turn tham on !

    Its motherboard cok-002 dual nand 2x128 samsung 640 chips ... I have progskeet and i bump firmware and dump tham more times and when i wont to split in one i get nand0 750 bad blocks and for nand1 749 bad blocks ... With hex editor i see all 00 nothing else !

    Any chance to fix this ? I get progskeet few days ago and i don't have original backup when ps3 works !

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you don't have the per console keys for the ps3 there is no way to fix it. This is the information for each ps3, as they are different for each of them. If you would like you could download it to media fire and when I get home I can look and see if that information is in those dumps.


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    oceansoul Guest
    ok i put it on 4share i have there account:

    As i say flowbuilder split them in one with errors but also doesn't unpack bootloader0, bootloader1 ... and rest files ...

    Thanks for fast answer hope so that ps3 will in function again ...

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