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Thread: Need help with translating Japanese from the PS Home BETA ...

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    Need help with translating Japanese from the PS Home BETA ...

    Hi guys!!

    Well I got invited to the PlayStation Home Closed BETA for Japan yesterday ... for this, I had to update my PS3 today ... I originally had 2.30, but on that, when I start Home BETA, I got the firmware update required message ... So today I updated my PS3 to 2.41 ... Now the Home BETA runs fine (no more firmware update required message) ...

    The problem starts when I start the Home BETA ... when I connect, everything turns into Japanese, which I unfortunately dont know :P ... I am getting some error messages in the Home BETA, whose meaning I dont know ...

    Thus, I am hereby requesting the Japanese reading folks on this forum to please help me out with the following messages ...

    Message 1:

    I press 'X' when on the middle option to move on ..

    Message 2:

    I dont know what the message reads ... a translation here would be very helpful

    Message 3:

    Again, dont exactly know whats happening here, but I think something's being updated, maybe ??

    Message 4:

    This again, needs translation ... And I really think this is the error which I am facing ! Desperately need translation !

    Message 5:

    I return to the connection screen here again ..

    People, please translate the above for me ... Thanx in advance

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    You have to ATTACH images... not link to them from imageshack, etc. If you attach them here, I will fix your first post with them.

    To attach them: Post Reply -> scroll down to Manage Attachments -> upload the pics. Easy enough, and this way 6 months or 2 years from now when someone sees this thread they won't see dead image links for the pics discussed.

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