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    Need help step by step PS3 jailbreaking?

    What is a good pup file for this that wont give me a error or have to do the surveys for password? How to get all the tools i need on it such as debugger and whatever else is needed. Also wanna put bruteforce game save editing on ps3.

    Can any one help me please? Been studying nonstop for days and keep getting stumped.

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    First of all, you should ask if your model is jailbreakable.

    What model do you have?

    If it's a 3k slim or a super slim, it's not jailbreakable.
    If it's a 25xx slim, it might be jailbreakable
    If it's a 21xx, a 20xx slim or a fat, it is jailbreakable.

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    If you can jailbreak it you will need to get a hardware flasher to read the nor / nand chip in it and then you will to downgrade it that way. Or have someone to downgrade it for you. There are people in the for sale area. thanks

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