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Thread: Need Help.. Real or Fake?

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    usman20045 Guest

    Need Help.. Real or Fake?

    can some one tell me is real or fake please?

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    JeffJ Guest
    seeing as the webpage don't even exist i'll say fake.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I've heard of it before. It's fake.

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    Rac3rX Guest
    It did exist at one time but has been yanked off line.

    not sure but it might of had something to do with copyrights (guess)

    Its still in Google, so maybe it will be back up latter on (might be updating or something)

    What are you looking for maybe it can be gotten someplace else.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffJ View Post
    seeing as the webpage don't even exist ill say fake.
    Haha indeed... I checked it myself and saw the same, then noticed he spelled it incorrectly ( in his first post so I fixed it.

    It's still up on the correctly spelled ( domain, but ya sadly it's fake as a $3 bill.

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