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    Exclamation [Answered] Need Help PS3 error 8002f14e

    I was updating the system, then the file was corrupted and stop in the 66% after some tries the ps3 doesnt even have image now, the green light stay about a minute and tnhen turn red.

    I use hdmi cable, but now im trying with regular and hdmi cables...nothing happen...

    what can i do to restore the ps3 back to life???
    Best Answer - Posted by idone:

    When you format your hdd you lost the update data that was there. And since you were in the process of updating it is likely you have a brick that only sony can fix.

    Nothing you can really do at this point but send it in to have them repair it.

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    First man if you get a corrupted message why you try to install again?
    Dont know Fun?

    Than if you are on higher FW press power till you hear 3 beeps, console will go on and turn off, still hold power button dont release it - move finger on the button - dont release, console turns back on and you hear another 3 beeps than the ps3 boot into rescue menu.

    But first download a new FW and do not use the corrupted one again

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    Yep... but the problem now is that image is not appearing in the ps3 anymore and after 1 min of green light, the system go off.....

    dunno what to do

    My ps3 was with fw 2.36
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    So you cant boot into rescue menu and led stayes green?

    Than maybe you have the PS3 version of Lights of Death.

    Do you tryed to boot into rescue menu as described above?

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    yep i try to press the button when is green, then he give 2 bips 2 and go red.

    suddenly theres an image in the ps3, before that the ps3 try itself to update always stopping in 66%.

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    Pull the hard drive and format it on PC..

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    i have formated on another ps3, isnt better like that?

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    Insert the hard disk back to the console and switch on, and message should be "Hard Drive needs to be reformatted" , format and should see the work.

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    No NOT when is green!!! Console have to be OFF.
    Same for Wii and psp and every other one with rescue menu.

    "BOOT INTO".So im thoght it should be clear to have the console turned off

    console will go on and turn off
    How it should go on when it is turned on?
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    the ps3 is off (red), i press the button then he turn to green (1bip) after 4 sec(+ -) the ps3 give another bip and then turn red.

    I already put the hd formatted (formatted using another ps3) and nothing appear in the tv (blue screen of tv only)

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