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    cfwprophet Guest
    Try again.You have do do it Two times.

    It works like that: Press button and hold, you hear one beeps and ps3 turns on, you still hold the button and hear two peeps, the ps3 than turns off, dont release the button but move finger a litle bit, you will hear again one beeps and ps3 turns on, HOLD BUTTON and you will hear now 3 beeps and PS3 turns off NOW release button and ps3 will boot into rescue menu.

    Hold the button for the whole procedure.

    Every time i tryed it it need to be done for two times.First step you hear only two beeps but for the second time you than will hear 3 beeps.Belive my and dont give up.

    To formatting hdd cant work becouse all necessary data will be in the NAND and only extracted to HDD.Even it is corrupted PS3 will say HDD neeed to be formatted.I dont know what goes wrong but theorie and logical thinking sayes that formatting hdd will not solve the problem.

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    DENEGRAO Guest


    Before i update, my ps3 waqs with fw 2.36

    I think recovery menu is only after 2.50

    thats the problem.

    by the way, thanks for the help dude

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yop True.Searched for it and Rescue Menu only works on FW 2.5 and higher

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    DENEGRAO Guest
    the weird thing istha before i formated the ps3 hd, the erro code appear in the tv (error 8002F14E), after formated the system wont even stay on, so the nand falsh is some way cross with the original HD.

    Im trying to make a full formated on that hd in another Ps3 (almost 4 hours of foramting) after that ill put back in tha bricked Ps3 and see wat happens....

    Some way, some how i'll fix that damn thing...lol

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    idone Guest
    When you format your hdd you lost the update data that was there. And since you were in the process of updating it is likely you have a brick that only sony can fix.

    Nothing you can really do at this point but send it in to have them repair it.

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    DENEGRAO Guest
    i think your right..

    problem is i dunno how to send to sony since i live in Brazil

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    trawkins Guest
    Turn on the console with out hard disk, and what happens ? something appear in the tv ? if so, do low level format on PC

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