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Thread: Need help with PS3 ELF file?

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    oceansoul Guest

    Need help with PS3 ELF file?

    I found ricochet game but have this .elf extension where to copy or what to do with that file ?


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    dyceast Guest
    I've wondered what to do with those files, i never put them anywhere, but the games that came with them still seem to work just fine...

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    Foo Guest
    I know some ELF files you can convert into EBOOTs...

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    oceansoul Guest
    I install that game and use cxxxk.pkg but doesn't get full game after 2 levels i get message i get buy the game and start from first level !

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    anonim123 Guest
    The ELF file is just the proof that DUPLEX can fully decrypt Ricochet HD. It's useless for the average user. Regarding your last post, try Rebuilding Database from Recovery Menu, then install crack.pkg again and see if it works.

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