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    ukdan2k Guest

    Exclamation need help on PS3 drive, bad logic board?

    hi all,

    i ended up with a faulty ps3 bad drive, so i brought a replacement drive with all included (so i could cover any fault in the current drive). anyway took off the logic board and attached to new drive and stuck back in the ps3 and tried loading discs.

    discs get sucked in and laser fires up for all types of discs and spindle spins up but nothing ever shows up on ps3 menu. so now don't know if it's the correct logic board but has been damaged or if some gits stuck any old logic board in there and it's either faulty or wrong one.

    i did read if it's the correct married board and just damaged you can desolder the chip off and add it to a working board.

    99% of the time the clock on the menu doesn't spin, but i was able to update to the latest f.w. 2.55 i think, but when trying to play a demo i get the black sreen treatment.

    if anyone can point me in the right direction on where to go next? thanks.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    boot into recovery menu and run "restore file system" you'll probably find its actually the hdd thats corrupt.

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    ukdan2k Guest
    tried that with no luck

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    barrybarryk Guest
    but did it say the filesystem was corrupt or was it ok? if it says its corrupt it cant always fix it, sometimes hooking the drive upto a pc and formatting it there then putting it back into the ps3 to be formatted again sorts it but sometimes the hdd is knackered.

    but that's only if that check said it was corrupt.

  5. #5
    ukdan2k Guest
    it was corrupt, i'll try formatting on the pc, what format does it need fat or ntfs?

  6. #6
    barrybarryk Guest
    anything at all, ntfs will be easier based on the size and utility used but its just really to get the pc to actually format it, it'll be formatted again back to the usable filesystem once its back in the ps3.

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    ukdan2k Guest
    just formatted throu pc, then ps3 and tried load a game, not working although on the menu the clock (loading sign) is working again now, spins for around 2mins and then nothing.

  8. #8
    barrybarryk Guest
    clean the lens now on the bluray drive and you should be sorted but first try the restore file system command again if it still says corrupt the hdd is buggered

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    ukdan2k Guest
    came up with that corrupt crap again, reformatted through ps3 and the loading clocks stopped working again.

    looks like i'll need get a new drive to carry on testing, will it accept any 2.5inch sata drive or do only certain type work?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    anything except the 1tb+ drives they're too big for the bay, if you have a spare one in a lappy or anything it might be worth your while backing that up and use it to see if it works before you spend any cash on it.

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