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    RoelRollX Guest

    Smile Need help on PS3 3.70 Firmware?

    So here is the problem, you see i'm going to get a ps3 slim chances are its going to be a 3.70 ps3 so i might as well prepare for the worst, i've gotten myself a jailbreak for the 3.72 yet i'm not sure what to expect, whether am i going to finally have a jailbroken ps3 or a bricked ps3.

    I already know how to unbrick it but thats not the case i want a jailbreak for it. So least i can get from you intelligent people is a psjailbreak update if available or a word of advice. Thank You! Have a nice evening good peoples.


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    tilla Guest
    There is no PSJailbreak for 3.7 yet

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