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Thread: NEED Help with PS3!!

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    NEED Help with PS3!!

    Hi guys!I have a big problem!

    I downloaded ferrox iso loader V1.0 for PS3, and I did what the manual said, the file in the ferrox map was otheros.bld, but now I have a problem, I run that on my ps3 I did everything, start-up with other os, and now I cannot connect my controller to my ps3, I cant shut it down either, and above this program was your site:, there are several option you can chose on my screen when I run that other os, but I can't choose one because I can't connect my controller, I press on that button, but my ps3 can't find it

    can anyone help? plz?

    I hope you can help me out.. I just want to run the normal os again.



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    That is likely PS3 SAK renamed, check out the ReadMe here or the STICKY thread on it linked below which may help further:



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