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Thread: Need help with Persona 4 Arena?

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    bakapervert Guest

    Need help with Persona 4 Arena?

    I already download the eboot and param.sfo that just got released by unSane and replaced the original file with the new one, but everytime I try to run the game a message always appeared that say the game cannot run because of the region restriction.

    Is this only me or because the eboot still hasn't cracked the region restriction? And is there any way to solve this pesky region restriction? Please help.

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    BluRay Guest
    Are you sure eboot can crack region lock? I know you can change your region setting on Rebug 3.55.2 CFW, since thats the CFW with most features, I recomend you install It. Btw, If you're gonna install another CFW, remember to change your region settings to default, as even after Rebug replaced you will still have the modified Region.

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    bakapervert Guest
    I don't know if the eboot can crack the region, that's why I asked here. I want to know if I need to debug my region before the eboot can work or is there something else that make the eboot doesn't work.

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    draze123 Guest
    try this bypass fix it might do the trick.. found it:

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    Zelgadiszero Guest
    It's really simple to unlock the region lock yourself.

    1. Take a look at your param.sfo
    2. Find the field "REGION_DENY" with the value "4294967261"
    3. Change the value from "4294967261" to "0"
    4. Save the param.sfo
    5. Enjoy the game.

    Hope that helps.

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