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Thread: Need help with new PS3?

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    Need help with new PS3?

    i am damn confused which method should i try for jailbreak my Ps3... searched for methods, watched online clips on youtube. i'm so frustrated.. can some one help me?

    i have a Ps3 slim firmware 3.55... all i want is to play torrent downloaded games on my console without any brick or hustle... and is it possible that i can use two methods:

    i .e., copying original dvd's on my console plus using them? appreciate and kindly use simple terms to explain me...

    thanks in advance...

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    You should be able to install PS3 CFW (most prefer Kmeaw 3.55) on it and then use MultiMAN to run the PS3 backups.

    A newbie PS3 CFW tutorial is posted HERE with another handy guide for getting some games with EBOOT Mods working HERE.

    Finally, if you have any other PS3 Custom Firmware questions you can use our PS3 CFW Forum to get additional assistance.

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