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    Lakerfanalways Guest

    Need Help in FTPing a game?

    I have a question.. if I am FTPing a game into the internal hard drive on the PS3, and I have gaia manger 1.02 in there(Right now I have 1.0 but I am planning on upgrading to 1.02) and I am using gaia gamez pkg, where do the games go?

    Because yesterday I tried FTPing a game into my PS3 (I took out the one file that was over 4 gb and put on the external drive the rest of the game) then I opened up open manager (I am used to copying a game using that manager) and copied the game to my internal drive) then I FTPed the one 4gb file into /dev_hdd0/game/laun12345 but when I tried opening the game it did not work at all, just gave me a black screen so I know I did something wrong.

    Should I have used gaia manager to copy the game in the first place, maybe something happened when I did that.. when I try doing it again I want to be sure the game goes into the right place.

    Someone told me that the gaia games go into /dev_hdd0/GAMEZ/ but when I went in there yesterday there was nothing in there but when I went to /dev_hdd0/game/laun12345 I found the game ID in there and put in the file.. could that be what I have done wrong? Its not like vanquish is the best game in the world but it pisses me off that I can't get this working right, I need to learn how because other games will need to be FTPed too so I mind as well figure out how to do this correctly.

    Anyone know what I did wrong.. I am beginning to think I might have put the game in the wrong location and that is why it went to black screen.. like I should have imported the game from the external drive with gaia instead of open manager, then put in the 4gb file in the right place and it would have worked.. but I need confirmation of what I did wrong.

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    modmate Guest

    In my case for the game vanquish i use the little tool Open Split 1.2 which splits your big files and add a "_" to the BLESxxxx folder. The whole folder on your external hdd and then copy to internal with OM 2.1G. OM will merge these files automaticly.
    Now the game runs fine, and yes its NOT the best game of the world.

    Greets Modmate

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