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    pwner Guest

    Need help with FTP SERVER and internal hd?

    hey, i bought a new slim ps3 and i orderd a ps3 jailbreak (its should be here in few days) anyway, i want to make sure i know how to use it, i alredy red few tutorials and i have questions:

    1) if i dont have external hd, can i get out the hd from old computer lets say and transform games from this to the ps3 (i think its impossible but i asked to be sure)

    2) i don't have enough money to buy a external hd, so - my only way to transform games its ftp, my question is how to run the pkg file to make the blackbox at ps3 (just read it from usb device?) also, can i play bigger games then 4GB if i transform By ftp? transforming by ftp doing any damage?

    3) how can i prevent the ps3 from updates when i'm going online?

    thanks in advance

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    Cevapi Guest
    What PS3 firmware is on your Slim? If it's anything above 3.41 your not gonna be able to use the exploit (yet) I'm afraid...

    But to answer your questions:

    1. You won't be able to use your old computers HDD unless you take out your PS3s internal HDD and swap it with that. I'm sure you have plenty of space for some games to fit on the internal one. If it's getting full just erase some

    2. To run .PKG files, just put them on a regular USB stick and pop them in your PS3 (After you jailbreak it) then just go to 'Install package files' and install the .PKG.

    3. Yes. You can copy games that are bigger than 4GB using FTP. And no, FTP won't damage anything. Worst case scenario you'll just have to re-copy the game again if it gets corrupted for some reason.

    4. If you update. You can't run your exploits. So I'm afraid you can't go online... for now.

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    pwner Guest
    thanks a lot for all the answers mate! you really helped me. but 1 thing i didn't understand: i should go online with ps3 for the ftp connection, so how can i go online without update the software? (my firmware version its just new one).

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    sykoNsc Guest
    unhook your router from the internet, the ps3 just ftp's to you personal computer, not the internet. if you think sony is gonna sniff your ass when your ps3 connects to pc then just take the router the ps3 and pc are connected to and unhook it from internet as no internet connection is required to ftp from pc to ps3.

    is your firmware just the new one or what? if your firmware is above 3.41 then you can't jb so if you have 3.5 you're screwed.

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    janeluke Guest
    yes, you must hope that your firmware is 3.41

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    pwner Guest
    i have old firmware, not above 3.41, and what you saying here - i don't must go online with ps3 for ftp pc-ps3 connection? so, how i'm doing that? just connecting the ps3 to router? but then the ps3 wont go online? and again, thanx for your help and i really sorry i'm so newb about the ps3 stuff.

    so let me know if i get it: i should unhook the modem from the router, then connect the ps3 to router, and then the ps3 won't go online?

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    jasmartin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pwner View Post
    3) how can i prevent the ps3 from updates when i'm going online?
    thanks in advance
    The rest is answered. To enable ftp but disable online then simply change your gateway on the PS3 network settings menu to an incorrect value. This will leave your ps3 communicating fine on your network i.e. no FTP issues but will mean it cannot venture out to the internet (no gateway accessible).

    To be clear if your network or router uses for example.

    Then set your PS3s IP to be and the gateway to

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