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Thread: Need help downgading my 3.55 ps3 with e3 card?

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    guyshuster Guest

    Question Need help downgading my 3.55 ps3 with e3 card?


    I'm trying to downgrade my version 3.55 ps3 with no succes. First of all, I'm not sure which files i'm suppose to put in the e3upgrader? that would be great.

    my second and bigger problem is that I cant manage to put files in the e3upgrader, I mean I can put files in there but as soon as I plug the e3card of my pc and reconnect it the files dissapear. But if I put files in the removable one that works fine.

    Anyone knows how to fix it? Im using a brand new e3card got it today.

    Thanks for helping

    EDIT: I've seen that there is a new and easier jailbreak, so what is the easiest way to jailbeak my ps3 so I'll be able to play games?

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    Natepig Guest
    You can install geohot's cfw 3.55 on your ps3. This will allow you to run hombrew. You can play some games as well and progress is being made everyday with the titles available.

    I must stress though that any backup you play must be from a legally owned original copy of your own. This site does not support piracy of games in any way.

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    ethical Guest
    watch this video it will tell you how to downgrade ur ps3 properly with the e3 card reader.

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    guyshuster Guest
    Okay, i'll try the 3.55 jailbreak, and I can't downgrade like in that video because when I put files in the e3card they get lost when I plug it of the pc...

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    mega1000 Guest
    It's ok , if the file dissapears, it is there, no worry.. It uses the last one you put in there..

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    Metamorphisis Guest


    good to know. scared me for a sec there. i'm new and was browsing and saw this and was just wondering about it... thank you for the video link, it helps me understand things better now.

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    Xbonez Guest
    If you are simply pulling the stick out, try right clicking the USB drive, and then choose Eject.

    Hope this helps

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    bitsbubba Guest
    the files disappearing is their update process, to downgrade from 3.55 you will need the 3.55 FW downgrade pack (2) lv2diag.self & (1) UPDAT.PUP

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