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    May 2012

    Need help with Dishonored files?

    Hello everyone,yesterday i downloaded Dishonored, when i was extracting:

    i got the Volume is corrupt error for these three small files
    they're in this directory

    so please if anyone can upload em for me i'd really appreciate it and thanks.

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    Aug 2007
    Wish i could help here but i can. I tend to play a lot of games on a computer and not so much on the ps3. Well because of the game modding feature that pc offers. I know that ps3 game modding can be done but i think that doing it on a pc is a lot easier.

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    May 2012
    racer0018 i understand i do the same thing. especially in Skyrim,Gothic 1 2 3 4,but my problem these days is that i haven't bought a new VGA to support all games to Ultra quality (know what saying bro) so PS3 right now is thing, PC too, i wouldn't be talking to you right now if don't have one, anyway i got the files i needed cause i requested it in every place, thanks anyway man.

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