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    HellX Guest

    need help with creating pkg files for ps3?

    hi guys, i want to create a cod BO gameupdate (1.09) with the new Trophy.TRP file from update 1.11

    i managed to unpack the 1.11 update (not that hard) and replaced the Trophy.TRP file from 1.09 with that from 1.11.. after i did, i downloaded the 1.92 SDK and tried make_package_npdrm (installed msys, mingw before) and when i do that, it gives me an error:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    my package.conf looks like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    the path is /c/usr/local/cell/BLUS30591. i tried a bunch of tutorials, but not even one helped me in that way..

    my OS: Win7 x64 using no cygwin (if thats necessary)

    pls help me!! the best thing would be, the devs themselves answers that thread..

    best regards

    PS: if you need any more infos, ask me

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    bitsbubba Guest

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    HellX Guest
    PS3FOXX is generating a empty folder and no usefull package (amount of data is more than 6 MB but it only generates 850 bytes...)

    PS3 Package Gui is telling me all the time, that it can not open /host-win32/bin/make_package_npdrm.exe

    PS3 Package Gui Reloaded is only for 3.41 (afaik)

    i'll try ES35s Toolkit maybe it works, thanks for the links mate

    okay.. i can't unself the eboot.bin.. thats awful

    edit: nope, it doesn't... generates nothing.. so, ES35s tool isn't working, too...

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    devorader Guest
    FYI I have tried to do the same and have come up with the same results i.e. nothing. will continue to try (busting out the Linux box). Will post my results back here. any error msg's you get appreciated. Is the 1.11 update eboot encrypted 3.6+?

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    well you do have to know c++ programming to understand it.

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